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Wedding Cake Decorations

The sort of wedding cake decorations you employ for your cake will reflect the sort of wedding you wish to have. While some people prefer very formal traditional weddings, others may enjoy a more laid back setting or even a themed wedding. Knowing what sort of wedding you wish to have is the first step in deciding what sort of decorations should adorn your cake.

Formal weddings require a white multi-tiered cake that often features a traditional wedding topper. Other decorations include white ribbons, lace and even small pearlescent beads. In some cases, traditional wedding cake decorations will also include live flowers to give that white cake a splash of color.

Less traditional wedding cake decorations will vary depending on the theme you have chosen. If you are having a historical wedding you may not have any cake decoration at all, if say you are serving medieval rolls instead. Less formal wedding sometimes feature doughnuts or cupcakes instead of an actual cake. If you’re having a pirate themed wedding, a chocolate rum cake adorned with chocolate liqueurs may be the perfect centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore many different ideas, it’s your wedding after all.


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